Table of Contents

Noise In Phonology Affects Encoding Strategies In Morphology

David Ardell, Noelle Anderson, Bodo Winter

A Lotka-volterra Model Of The Evolutionary Dynamics Of Compositionality Markers

Andreas Baumann, Christina Prömer, Kamil Kazmierski, Nikolaus Ritt

Evolution Of What?

Christina Behme

Spontaneous Dialect Formation In A Population Of Locally Aligning Agents

Richard A. Blythe, Alistair H. Jones, Jessica Renton

How The Brain Got Grammaticalized: Globularization And (self-)domestication

Cedric Boeckx, Constantina Theofanopoulou, Antonio Benítez-Burraco

Signature Whistles In An Introduction Context

Megan Broadway, Jamie Klaus, Billie Serafin, Heidi Lyn

Are Emotional Displays An Evolutionary Precursor To Compositionality In Language?

Federica Cavicchio, Livnat Leemor, Simone Shamay-Tsoory, Wendy Sandler

Functionally Flexible Vocalizations In Wild Bonobos (pan Pansicus)

Zanna Clay, Jahmaira Archbold, Klaus Zuberbuhler

Dwarf Mongooses Combine Meaningful Alarm Calls

Katie Collier, Andrew N. Radford, Balthasar Bickel, Marta B. Manser, Simon W. Townsend

Word Order Universals Reflect Cognitive Biases: Evidence From Silent Gesture

Jennifer Culbertson, Simon Kirby, Marieke Schouwstra

The Evolution Of Collaborative Stories

Christine Cuskley, Bernardo Monechi, Pietro Gravino, Vittorio Loreto

The Fidelity Of Iterated Vocal Imitation

Pierce Edmiston, Marcus Perlman, Gary Lupyan

Meaningful Call Combinations And Compositional Processing In A Social Bird

Sabrina Engesser, Amanda R. Ridley, Simon W. Townsend

Using HMMs To Attribute Structure To Artificial Languages

Kerem Eryilmaz, Hannah Little, Bart de Boer

Processing Preferences Shape Language Change

Maryia Fedzechkina, Becky Chu, T. Florian Jaeger, John Trueswell

Communicative Interaction Leads To The Elimination Of Unpredictable Variation

Olga Feher, Kenny Smith, Elizabeth Wonnacott, Nikolaus Ritt

Multimodal Processing Of Emotional Meanings: A Hypothesis On The Adaptive Value Of Prosody

Piera Filippi, Sebastian Ocklenburg, Daniel Liu Bowling, Larissa Heege, Albert Newen, Onur Güntürkün, Bart de Boer

Humans Recognize Vocal Expressions Of Emotional States Universally Across Species

Piera Filippi, Jenna V. Congdon, John Hoang, Daniel Liu Bowling, Stephan Reber, Andrius Pašukonis, Marisa Hoeschele, Sebastian Ocklenburg, Bart de Boer, Christopher B. Sturdy, Albert Newen, Onur GÜntÜrkÜn

Do Lab Attested Biases Predict The Structure Of A New Natural Language?

Molly Flaherty, Katelyn Stangl, Susan Goldin-Meadow

Cooperative Communication And Communication Styles In Bonobos And Chimpanzees In The Wild: Same Same But Different?

Marlen Fröhlich, Paul H Kuchenbuch, Gudrun Müller, Barbara Fruth, Takeshi Furuichi, Roman M Wittig, Simone Pika

Integration Or Disintegration?

Koji Fujita, Haruka Fujita

Migration As A Window Into The Coevolution Between Language And Behavior

Victor Gay, Daniel Hicks, Estefania Santacreu-Vasut

Effects Of Task-specific Variables On Auditory Artificial Grammar Learning And Generalization

Andreea Geambasu, Michelle J. Spierings, Carel ten Cate, Clara C. Levelt

Intentional Meaning Of Bonobo Gestures

Kirsty Graham, Catherine Hobaiter, Richard Byrne

Plain Simple Complex Structures: The Emergence Of Overspecification In An Iterated Learning Setup

Stefan Hartmann, Peeter Tinits, Jonas Nölle, Thomas Hartmann, Michael Pleyer

Nonlinear Biases In Articulation Constrain The Design Space Of Language

Rick Janssen, Bodo Winter, Dan Dediu, Scott Moisik, Sean Roberts

The Evolution Of Zipf’s Law Of Abbreviation

Jasmeen Kanwal, Kenny Smith, Jennifer Culbertson, Simon Kirby

A General Auditory Bias For Handling Speaker Variability In Speech? Evidence In Humans And Songbirds.

Buddhamas Kriengwatana, Paola Escudero, Anne Kerkhoven, Carel ten Cate

A Developmental Perspective On Language Origin: Children Are Old Hands At Gesture

Casey Lister, Tiarn Burtenshaw, Nicolas Fay, Bradley Walker, Jeneva Ohan

Emergence Of Signal Structure: Effects Of Duration Constraints

Hannah Little, Kerem Eryılmaz, Bart de Boer

Correlated Evolution Or Not? Phylogenetic Linguistics With Syntactic, Cognacy, And Phonetic Data

Giuseppe Longobardi, Armin Buch, Andrea Ceolin, Aaron Ecay, Cristina Guardiano, Monica Irimia, Dimitris Michelioudakis, Nina Radkevich, Gerhard Jaeger

Nonhuman Animals’ Use Of Ostensive Cues In An Object Choice Task

Heidi Lyn, Stephanie Jett, Megan Broadway, Mystera Samuelson

Language Adapts To Signal Disruption In Interaction

Vinicius Macuch Silva, Sean Roberts

Preliminary Results From A Computational Multi Agent Modelling Approach To Study Humpback Whale Song Cultural Transmission

Michael Mcloughlin, Luca Lamoni, Ellen Garland, Simon Ingram, Alexis Kirke, Michael Noad, Luke Rendell, Eduardo Miranda

Human-like Brain Specialization In Baboons: An Invo Anatomical MRI Study Of Language Areas Homologs In 96 Subjects

Adrien Meguerditchian, Damien Marie, Konstantina Margiotoudi, Scott A. Love, Alice Bertello, Romain Lacoste, Muriel Roth, Bruno Nazarian, Jean-Luc Anton, Olivier Coulon

Make New With Old: Human Language In Phylogenetically Ancient Brain Regions

Marie Montant, Johannes Ziegler, Benny Briesemeister, Tila Brink, Bruno Wicker, Aurélie Ponz, Mireille Bonnard, Arthur Jacobs, Mario Braun

Linguistic Structure Emerges In The Cultural Evolution Of Artificial Sign Languages

Yasamin Motamedi, Marieke Schouwstra, Kenny Smith, Simon Kirby

Measuring Conventionalization In The Manual Modality

Savithry Namboodiripad, Daniel Lenzen, Ryan Lepic, Tessa Verhoef

The Arbitrariness Of The Sign Revisited: The Role Of Phonological Similarity

Alan Nielsen, Dieuwke Hupkes, Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith

Early Learned Words Are More Iconic

Lynn Perry, Marcus Perlman, Gary Lupyan, Bodo Winter, Dominic Massaro

Construction Grammar For Apes

Michael Pleyer, Stefan Hartmann

The Evolution Of Im/politeness

Monika Pleyer, Michael Pleyer

The Cultural Evolution Of Structure In Music And Language

Andrea Ravignani, Tania Delgado, Simon Kirby

Strategies In Gesture And Sign For Demoting An Agent: Effects Of Language Community And Input

Lilia Rissman, Laura Horton, Molly Flaherty, Marie Coppola, Annie Senghas, Diane Brentari, Susan Goldin-Meadow

From Natural Order To Convention In Silent Gesture

Marieke Schouwstra, Kenny Smith, Simon Kirby

Vocal Learning In Functionally Referential Chimpanzee Food Calls

Katie Slocombe, Stuart Watson, Anne Schel, Claudia Wilke, Emma Wallace, Leveda Cheng, Victoria West, Simon Townsend

Minimal Pressures Leading To Duality Of Patterning

Matthew Spike, Kenny Smith, Simon Kirby

Information Dynamics Of Learned Signalling Games

Matthew Spike, Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith

Interpreting Silent Gesture

Bill Thompson, Marieke Schouwstra, Henriëtte de Swart

Modeling The Emergence Of Creole Languages

Francesca Tria, Vittorio Loreto, Vito Servedio, S. Mufwene Salikoko

A Constant Rate Effect Without Stable Functions

Robert Truswell, Nikolas Gisborne

Language Evolution And Language Origins In Teaching Linguistics At The University Level

Slawomir Wacewicz, Przemyslaw Zywiczynski, Arkadiusz Jasinski

Languages Prefer Robust Phonemes

Andrew Wedel, Bodo Winter

The Structure Of Iconicity In The English Lexicon

Bodo Winter, Lynn Perry, Marcus Perlman, Gary Lupyan

Signal Autonomy Is Shaped By Contextual Predictability

James Winters, Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith

The Cultural Co-evolution Of Language And Mindreading

Marieke Woensdregt, Kenny Smith, Chris Cummins, Simon Kirby

A Game Theoretic Account Of Semantic Subjectification In The Cultural Evolution Of Languages

Eva Zehentner, Andreas Baumann, Nikolaus Ritt, Christina Prömer

Catergory Learning In Audition, Touch, And Vision

Sabine van der Ham, Bill Thompson, Bart de Boer